St Christopher’s Church
December 5, 2022

St Christopher’s Church is very grateful to have received support for our seniors’ activities which are well received by both parishioners and people from the community. Some of our Seniors’ activities include Wednesday morning tea; Little Dove on Fridays for a “drop-in Coffee & Chat and board games” and a Christmas Lunch.
COVID interrupted our year and planning of events was difficult as people felt they didn’t quite know what next week would bring. All the media coverage has left many elderly feeling very vulnerable and tired. Routine visits and planned activities can provide structure and purpose and can keep seniors rooted in their communities at a time when so much is changing around them. It can also help them feel more connected to themselves
Consistent socialization reduces the likelihood that seniors will experience the depression caused by isolation and loneliness. Socialization reduces levels of anxiety and helps seniors maintain their self-esteem and sense of worth
One elderly gentleman commented that since he has lost his wife, the socialisation at Little Dove on Fridays is paramount to prevent his feelings of isolation which leads to depression. He is no longer able to drive, and has to rely on others to get him to places

Some more comments from the seniors;
“I love the fellowship. It is a comfortable environment.  I can participate at what level I want. Nothing is forced on me so I can be as involved as I feel I can cope with on the day”
“I love that it is a quiet environment but people are all involved in things, jigsaws, knitting, mahjong,… a chat, just what they are feeling like or what they need”
“Participation isn’t forced on you. Different skill levels are accepted and disabled are included.  I love the variety of people.”
“It keeps my brain ticking over. There is good company and a lovely afternoon tea”

“I had such a nice meal and the entertainment was lovely.  A lot of old people miss out on Christmas Celebrations.  We don’t get included in things like we did when we were younger”
“These gatherings over morning or afternoon tea mean we can mix with community and church people. Conversations are at a deeper level than hello how are you. We have time for more” —-comments from two of the men

We are confident that what is being provided on Wednesday morning, Friday afternoon and the Christmas dinner is filling a real need for fellowship in the Avonhead community. Fellowship was mentioned several times by different people and the comment was made that even though they don’t attend St Christopher’s Church they love how open it feels and they feel part of the community meeting here for companionship.

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